Month of Christmas Healing Mass at Saint Sharbel this Sunday 12/15/19

Saint Sharbel Mission of Milwaukee

Healing Mass during the month of Christmas
Anointing with Holy Oil will take place at the conclusion of the Liturgy

Sunday, December 15, 2019
@ 4:00 p.m.

Father Pierre El Khoury

Mass Intentions: All the Sick and in need of prayers in our community

Readers: Dr. Michael Barkett , Nelly Zahr

Ushers: Nabil Zahr, Elie Rayes

Altar Server: Antone G Shanine

Any questions, concerns, please contact Fr. Father Pierre El Khoury: 713- 972 – 2990. e:mail:

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To get to Jesus by Fr Nabil Mouannes, PhD


To get to Jesus

Dear beloved of God
My friends
We are going to communicate along our way. It is going to be for Jesus about Jesus through Jesus.
This weekend the church bring to our attention the miracle of the paralytic .
It is an illuminating fact for our conscience.
We need to get to Jesus. We need to be close to Him. We need His touch. We need His eyes. We need to be with Him in His home.
He is the healer, he is the Savior of the world. You want thinks to change in your life. Come closer. Don’ t run away from the crowed that is around. Open over the head of Jesus. Recognize your sin even silently within the crowed. He is there too. He is in the world to give us victory. Come get to Jesus…with us…
In Christ your Servant
Fr Nabil Mouannes, PhD

Father Nabil Mouannes

Blessed be the name of the Lord for His abundant graces upon us. Today, Saint Sharbel Mission of Milwaukee was appointed our own priest, Father Nabil Mouannes will be serving our mission moving forward. Praise be to God always.

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St. Sharbel Relics Visit and New Community Name

During the blessed visit of St. Sharbel’s Relics, the Maronite Mission of Milwaukee received a new name! The Mission will now officially carry the name of St. Sharbel as: ST. SHARBEL MISSION OF MILWAUKEE.

Thank you to all who attended this blessed event. May St. Sharbel continue to watch over and intercede for the success and growth of our parish.