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Due to weather conditions, our Healing MASS that was supposed to be held tonight, will be RESCHEDULED to Sunday Feb 26 at NOON!

Saint Sharbel Maronite Mission of MKE is relocating to Saint John the Baptist Church in Paris (1501 172nd Ave, Paris / Union Grove, WI), as of Sunday September 11, 2022. From that day forward, our Sunday Masses will be starting at noon.

We’ll be forever grateful to Saint Sebastian Church – Sturtevant for hosting us for about 9 years and we are looking forward to meet our new host, Saint John the Baptist community, who are also part of the KR County Line Catholic parishes ?

Bring your kids this Saturday April 9 at 11:30 AM to enjoy our Easter Egg Hunt 🙂

Join us next Tuesday 2/22/2022 at Saint Sebastian Church – Sturtevant, to praise the Lord and ask for His healing grace through the intercession of our beloved Saint Sharbel, during the 7 PM Healing Mass ?

Feast of St Maron – Special Mass

Join us next Tuesday February 8 at 7 PM at Saint Sebastian Church – Sturtevant, to celebrate the vigil of Saint Maron’s Feast Day.

Healing Mass: Saturday January 22, 2022 @ 7 PM

Mass Schedule: Every Sunday at 11:30 AM